Essensual BeatZ has been building a following, with core personnel, for more than 9 years. The latest lineup of veteran musicians brings a powerful level of authenticity. For larger venues, EB adds horns and keyboard, as they did recently while in the studio recording songs for an EP that is currently in production. Whether audiences want to hear grooves for good time dancing or to listen to thoughtful lyrics (or both), Essensual BeatZ delivers the goods.

Essensual BeatZ performs original R&B/Funk/Blues compositions that blend expressive vocals, jazz chords, dance-inducing groove beats (with a pinch of hip hop), literary lyrics, soaring melodies, guitar grooves, and mellifluous funk bass lines. At the same time, covers of selective classic tunes are reinterpreted as arrangements that flirt with soul, blues, fusion, rock, and pop, picking up the past and driving it into the future.